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We have a dream.

In the dawn of the Age of AI Agents, we envision a world where personal digital assistants don't just navigate the vast digital universe but also create and manage it on your behalf. These agents, expressed through code, will generate and orchestrate a library of programs, continuously evolving to meet your needs. However, as the complexity of these programs grows, so does the gap between human understanding and machine operation. This is where steps in, a bridge across that gap, ensuring you stay in the driver's seat, even as your AI co-pilot navigates the complex highways of code.

But's vision extends beyond mere technology; it's about reigniting the spark of creativity in every mind. Millions of us have brilliant app ideas, trapped in the depths of our imagination. liberates those ideas, democratizing app development and turning anyone with a vision, coder or not, into an inventor. We empower you to bring your app dreams to life, with simplicity and clarity as your tools.

Do you remember the days when software wasn't just a rental, it was an adventure? Back then, trading floppy disks felt like sharing buried treasure, each game and app a portal to countless hours of exploration. We owned those pixels, those lines of code, and with them, the freedom to create and share. We reclaim that spirit. The current model treats users as perpetual tenants, forever renting what they could once own. joins a rebellion against this model, making self-hosting your apps simpler, handing back control, and placing your privacy and security firmly in your grasp. You're not just renting software; you're owning a piece of the digital universe, shaping it to your will.

In this digital renaissance, programming itself is transforming. Fine-tuned language models usher in a new era, where lines of code bend to the whispers of natural language. puts you at the forefront of this citizen programming revolution, poised to democratize code like Excel democratized financial programming. We are not building for today, but for the possibilities of tomorrow, a platform where your creativity dances with AI's efficiency, where your visions soar unburdened by coding complexities, and where the power of technology once again rests in your hands.

The time for dreaming is over. It's time to code your revolution. Join us in shaping a future where technology's power isn't wielded by a chosen few, but by the collective might of dreamers like us. A future where your ideas transform from whispers to vibrant apps, enriching the tapestry of our digital world.

So, grab your keyboard, fellow revolutionary. Fork our repo, let your code be your battle cry, and add your name to our manifesto. Every line of code, every shared dream, fuels the engine of this movement. Together, we write the next chapter of software, not just as users, but as creators, owners, and architects of a brighter digital future.

The future awaits. Are you ready to code your dreams into reality?